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Eyzon Consulting

Eyzon Consulting

Welcome to Eyzon


Our focus is on creating and sharing the insight that comes from our comprehensive understanding of, and constant presence in, the HR market.

With 14 consultants working across offices in London and Leeds, we have over 100 years of combined experience. By working together for so many years, we've created a collegiate culture focused on building and protecting our most important asset: our reputation.

We strive to achieve the best outcome for our clients, approaching every assignment with expertise and input from across the business. Whilst you'll always have a main point of contact when you work with Eyzon, you work with us all.

Eyzon has advised on over 2,000 HR appointments.


We deliver our consultancy in a straightforward and candid way, always focusing on the desired outcomes and managing perceptions. Operating primarily at mid and senior levels across specialist and generalist HR appointments, we advise a range of organisations from start-up businesses to some of the world's most recognisable industry leaders.

Market insight comes in many shapes and sizes. As we spend our lives talking to the market we have an up-to-date and accurate overview of what is happening at this very moment within the HR world. If you have any questions at all about the state of the market both nationally and internationally, or the major trends in HR recruitment, just pick up the phone or drop us an email and we'll tell you what we know.

We are also always looking out for major shifts in HR thinking and welcome the opportunity to get involved in more formal and in-depth analysis of topics that interest us. In the past we've led research into the candidate experience
(a topic naturally close to our hearts), but also hosted round table discussions on flexible working and written articles on the evolution of reward philosophy and shifts in industry focus on a macro level within the workforce. If there's something you feel particularly passionate about and would like to explore it in more detail, feel free to ask your consultant.