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March 22nd, 2018 : The Royal Geographical Society, London

Geoff McDonald

Former Global VP for HR at Unilever, and mental health campaigner

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In conversation with Alastair Campbell...

Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace: personal stories and audience Q&A

Geoff is a very active campaigner for breaking the stigma associated with mental health in the corporate world and has participated in a number of BBC programmes and campaigns around this subject. In 2016 he convened a meeting with David Cameron and CEOs from FTSE 100 companies to address their role and agree actions to break the stigma in work environments, and has supported The Royal Foundation (Prince William, Harry and Kate) in their mental health campaign. He's recently had the opportunity to engage with Pope Francis on how we create a more sustainable and inclusive economy through his work with the Global Foundation.

Geoff's background includes 25 years with Unilever, his experience spanning leadership (VP HR), talent development, organisation change, capability development, with particular reference to marketing, and purpose-centric business transformation. Today Geoff campaigns and speaks about inspiring and provoking organisations to put purpose, wellbeing and mental health at the heart of everything they do. He's also an Executive Director of Open Minds Health - an organisation providing businesses with practical strategies to address workplace mental wellbeing culture for achievable, measurable and sustainable improvement of employee wellbeing.

Session Overview

Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace: personal stories and audience Q&A

Geoff McDonald and Alastair Campbell will both share their personal stories about the mental health challenges in their lives, and share views about how to view mental health differently.

They will explore the stigma and narrative around mental health, and explain how organisations that understand wellbeing as a link to energy and as a driver of performance can realise this as a competitive advantage.