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March 22nd, 2018 : The Royal Geographical Society, London

Previous Future Talent Conferences

Future Talent 2017

Dr. Alan Watkins in conversation with Dame Carolyn McCall

Margaret Heffernan

Tom Watson

Future Talent 2016

Lord Chris Holmes

Amy Sawbridge

Alain de Botton

Future Talent 2015

Piers Linney

Christine Deputy

Alain de Botton

Future Talent 2014

Alex Lowe

Sir Anthony Seldon

Alan Watkins

From speakers at previous Changeboard Future Talent conferences

This is a conference that delivers what every conference should but rarely does: Proper food for thought and a lot of entertainment of the best kind. You get to learn, but in the most painless and most beguiling way.

Alain de Botton, Author and Philosopher

Changeboard’s future talent conference brought together a lot of different thinking on the real future of work and what it’s about. It was profoundly engaging – and great to see such a range of speakers discussing the wider agenda. This is not just an HR conference, it’s a conference that frankly every business leader should come to.

Peter Cheese, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

The variety of speakers at the conference was interesting and they all provided some really refreshing insights into the variables around talent. The conference was well-attended, with an impressive delegate list, and the audience were truly engaged. I really enjoyed it.”

Piers Linney, CEO of Outsourcery

Another great event from Changeboard. They continue to bring some of the most cutting edge thinking and innovation around the future of talent to the HR community they serve.

Dr Alan Watkins, CEO of Complete Coherence

The Future Talent conference 2014 was one of the best HR conferences I've ever been to. Great speaker line up and A-List HR delegates in a superb venue - a huge success!

Lucy Adams, former HR Director of the BBC, now CEO Disruptive HR

The conference created a valuable forum to discuss a range of issues around future talent, and we were delighted to share latest thinking around developing leaders in this context.

Marc de Leyritz, partner, Egon Zehnder

The conference was strong, it was really well organised and wonderful to be presenting to such a senior audience. The format, topics, delegate / speaker dialogue and the interaction between people in the room was excellent. I enjoyed the conference very much and I enjoyed speaking - it is a conference I would recommend.

Anthony Seldon, Master, Wellington College

From delegates at previous Changeboard Future Talent conferences

The Changeboard Future Talent conference broke the mould in terms of topics of relevance that differentiate it from the rest. If you are a thought leader in HR or Talent Management or want to become one, the talent agenda and insights it provides makes it a conference that shouldn’t be missed.

Jennifer Candee, Group Head of Resourcing, SAB Miller

The FutureTalent conference was the best conference I have attended in years. It was genuinely inspirational, had very dynamic and interesting speakers and a great audience profile to network with. It conveyed the latest trends and ideas in talent, created some thought provoking debate and really challenged you with ideas that you could and should be doing in your organisation. I came away inspired to change society for the better, not just my organisation.

Catherine Boyd-Maunsell, Head of HR at Process Systems Enterprise

My congratulations to Changeboard for delivering by far the most inspirational HR conference I have ever attended. This conference programme will stimulate HR professionals to dig deep and remember the reasons why they joined the profession. For me personally I re-established my role as a citizen who can hopefully make a difference to society at the same time as delivering demonstrable value to my employer. Challenging, uplifting, empowering, inspiring and changing.

Colin Minto, Group Head Resourcing and HR Systems, G4S plc

The Future Talent conference was an outstanding event. High profile and quality speakers from Alain de Botton to Lucy Adams, former HR Director of the BBC. The venue and quality of attendees lived up to the speakers, held in the Royal Opera House with 500 leaders in HR. The event will stick with me for years to come and I look forward to future events, it will certainly be a key date in my diary going forward.

Laura Probert, Group Head of Employee and Organisation Development (Talent) at digital entertainment