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March 22nd, 2018 : The Royal Geographical Society, London

Future Talent Conference, 2018

Why Attend?

Changeboard's flagship Future Talent Conference has become the leading event in the UK to discover how to address the major Future Talent business issues of our time. Join us for a day of ten brilliant keynote speakers. Connect and network with over 750 leaders from the worlds of business, human resources and society to learn in an inspiring way.

The term "Fourth Industrial Revolution" was coined by Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum in Davos to describe the digital revolution that is set to define our future lives. The advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another.

Schwab goes on to describe the impact on people, saying that this revolution "will change not only what we do but also who we are. It will affect our identity and all the issues associated with it".

As well as reviewing the business, economic, cultural, social and health impacts of AI, we will also examine how we can re-boot the human operating system. The agenda of the conference aims to explore the skills that we will all need, as individuals and organisations, in this brave new world. Wellbeing, mental health, diversity, inclusion, social mobility and creativity are some of the levers that can unlock our individual and collective ability to thrive. We'll explore how.

Jim Carrick-Birtwell, Co-founder & CEO, Changeboard

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for an incredible programme of TED-style keynote talks and discussions.

Who Should Attend
  • Chief executives and Chairmen
  • Presidents
  • Vice-presidents
  • Chief human resource officers
  • HR Directors & Heads of Talent
  • Heads of HR functions
  • Chief operating officers
  • Chief social responsibility officers
  • Chief marketing officers
  • Chief strategy officers
  • Chief diversity officers
  • Heads of diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Analysts and consultants
  • Policymakers
  • Academics

Foreword by Margaret Heffernan to Changeboard's Future Talent Conference 2018

I am so looking forward to coming back to Changeboard's Future Talent Conference in 2018; it's a fresh, imaginative exploration of what matters most at work. No nonsense. No pitching. Just unvarnished truths – and plenty of myth busting.

And let's face it; a lot of 20th century myths still abound. Efficiency is everything. Business is rational and unemotional. To get to the top, you have to see everyone as a rival and take them out. The more hours you work, the colder and more ruthlessly you behave, the more successful you will be. Psychopaths flourish: learn from them.

All complete nonsense.

The newest myth is that the human side of work only matters now because every other aspect of work will vanish, replaced by robots, artificial intelligence and new technologies as yet unborn. This is nonsense too; the human ingredients in work have always mattered and they underpin, quite fundamentally, every single breakthrough we are seeing today. So, notwithstanding the PR and propaganda emanating from Sili Valley, humans are here to stay. Preserving and strengthening our humanity is now the order of the day.

What that means in practice is that staying smart, energetic, alert and able to use the very genuine intelligence each of us brings into work isn't now a luxury but a requirement. Brains need to be focused (multi-tasking is bust) and rested (work more than 55 hours a week, and both mental and physical health are at risk). Complex decisions are too multi-faceted for leaders who are heroic soloists; we do teamwork because groups of people can see more and better possibilities than anyone working alone. Expertise still matters – it's just that everyone will need quite a lot of it, well-articulated, accessible and generously shared. But – and it's a big, difficult 'but' – teams only achieve their potential to the degree that they are diverse, safe, open and trusting. We may all be biased, but we can also learn to listen and to appreciate the richness of multiple perspectives. This isn't about political correctness; it is about honing the skills demanded for collective intelligence. And it is about social justice as a critical part of every organisation's legitimacy.

None of this is easy. It will demand of us enormous emotional, intellectual, moral, spiritual and social stamina. Looking after ourselves and each other is how work and life grow in value, meaning and joy. On every front, we need each other: as intelligence sources, sounding boards, coaches, critics, devil's advocates and as friends – real friends, not just Facebook 'friends' or LinkedIn contacts.

Most of all, we have to become (or remain) lifelong students: eager to learn, question, study, experiment, reject, accept and adapt. You may hear a lot of predictions at Changeboard's 2018 Future Talent Conference, but only one is absolutely bulletproof: Learning – from others, from history, from friends, colleagues, experts and deviants – is the shape of things to come. If you haven't already started, do so today.

Margaret Heffernan, August 2017

What our speakers have said about Future Talent...

Discussing, listening and learning at the same time was fantastic. I especially enjoyed the variety of speakers from different backgrounds. I certainly came away with a lot to think about.

Dame Katherine Grainger, Olympic & World Champion Athlete

The best thing about Changeboard's Future Talent Conference is the energy in the room. The questions were flowing, people were very engaged and it was all hugely insightful.

Dame Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive Officer, easyJet Airline Company Ltd.

Very imaginative and stimulating in getting people to think in different ways.

Margaret Heffernan, Author

Future Talent is important for the most obvious but deep of reasons: because the collective flourishing and success of the nation depends on properly mining the talents and interests of the next generation.

Alain de Botton, Philosopher

The challenge for those thinking about future talent is how we improve the utilisation of skills and stimulate demand for higher level skills. There's a real need to invest in management and leadership, whilst also providing opportunities for young people to take their first steps into the world of work.

Peter Cheese, CEO, CIPD

Future talent is so important - it's where everyone's skills, ambitions, experiences, hopes and dreams are enabled to flourish and be fully incorporated in whatever project, programme or endeavour they are engaged in. A world of work where everyone and every element flies. Where Gen Y show us what and how. Where we are inclusive by instinct, where digital delivers.

Lord Chris Holmes MBE, Lord Holmes of Richmond & Great Britain's most successful paralympic swimmer

Future Talent is important because there are no jobs only projects. The real job is taking ownership of ourselves. Our energy, emotional response and purpose.

Katie Ledger, Broadcaster & Author

Companies have multiple opportunities to connect with future talent. People are no longer pigeon-holed into categories of employee, customer, consumer, etc. In the same way that companies can no longer separate out their consumer and employer brands, future talent is about the whole person and people being their true selves..

Amy Sawbridge, Head of People Strategy, Virgin Group

The future of talent is important because the world is increasingly complex. The only way out is up. By upgrading our human operating systems.

Dr. Alan Watkins, Founder & CEO of Complete Coherence

Recruiting the right talent into your teams / organisations is always going to important but for me this is the starting point not the finish point. What I'm looking for is how can we coach that talent once people have been recruited in order to make them better at what they do.

Sir Clive Woodward, England's 2003 Rugby World Cup Winning Head Coach

In the fast changing and evolving world we find ourselves in, future talent and ultimately the success of every business is about people buying people. We need to recognise, nurture and develop not just peoples skills but also their beliefs, personalities, motivations and ultimately their dreams. Organizations need to self empower their future talent, they need to know them inside and out and ultimately get them to believe in themselves and that way the organization will always get the best.

Martine Wright, 7/7 Survivor and Paralympic Athlete

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